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    Latest Products Summary:         Last Updated : 30/12/09    

New - Valve Gear Parts
New - BigEnd Assembly Parts
New - Baring Retaining Plates
Back In Stock - Crankshaft\Camshaft Nuts
New - Gearbox and General Parts

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Oldham Couplings
More Fabricated Parts
Racing Brake/Clutch levers
Magnesium/Alloy Timing Covers
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  Winter 2009
Winter 2009
Winter 2009

Latest Products: New for December 2009    

11\32 Collet

A11/150, All/151, A11/150M Valve Collets
Price : £4.50 pair

Collet Retaininng Ring

A11/147 Hairpin Valve Spring Top Cup + Collet (sold as matched pair)
Price : £9.50

Valve Spring Retaining Ring

A11/725 Hairpin Valve Spring Top Cup Plate (milled from solid)
Price : £19.50


Norton International Valve Gear Parts
Following a large number of requests by customers over the last year, I am pleased to now be able to supply 3 key parts for Norton SOHC valvegear - those being:
- valve collets -to fit all 3 commonly used valve stem diameters - 11/32", 3/8" and 5/16" (early Manx)
- Collet retaining rings (top cup) - CNC machined, and made to fit the taper of the collet exactly
- Hairpin valve spring retaining plate - this items with its distinctive ears, has been machined from solid in very hard wearing EN24T


Titanium Valve Cap

A11/147T Hairpin Valve Spring Top Cup - Titanium (and collet)
Price : £24.50

If you are really serious about weight saving of repirprocating weight, I have had just a few of the top cups made in titanium :
Only very limited quantities - Be Quick!


Looking very pretty, a photograph of part of the batch CNC machined top cups

350cc International BigEnd

New - Model 40 (350cc) International
Big End Assembly With Nuts

£245 Each

Manx Big End

New Batch - SOHC and DOHC (pre-61) Manx Big End Assembly
£245 Each

Manx Big End Nuts

New - SOHC and early DOHC Manx
Big End Hexagonal Nuts (Rare)
£20 Each


Norton Big End Assembly and Parts
I have recently expanded the range of Norton Big End parts I can supply. I can now offer both 500cc and 350cc Norton International BigEnds, as well as Racing International (30M), SOHC, early DOHC and Late DOHC Manx BigEnd assemblies.

Finally, I have just had commisioned a batch of the correct 30M and Manx large Hexagonal nuts, as fitted to all racing crankshaft assemblies (SOHC and DOHC), before Norton swapped to using castellated nuts with their shortstroke engines. These Manx nuts have the same profile as International hexagonal nuts, but are wider, so they spread load over a wider area. Contact me if you need more detail or are not sure what Bigend your engine requires


International Bearing Plate

New - A11\34 Bearing Plate
3 screw Main Bearing Retaining Plates for Norton International (Model 30 and Model 40) Engines

Price : £10.50 Each

Manx Bearing Plate

New - A11\34M Bearing Plate
4 screw Main Bearing Retaining Plates for Norton Manx (Model 30M and Model 40M) Engines

Price : £11.50 Each


Main Bearing Retaining Plates
I have just had made the press tools necessary to manufacture the distinctive bearing retainining plates used on all SOHC (and DOHC) engines. These plates are copied from originals and are drilled and countersunk ready to accept the screws (which are then soldered to the plates)

Norton Workshop Manual on CD

New -Norton International Workshop Manual
- On CD

The definitive Norton SOHC Workshop Manual (reference P86) - now available on CD
Price : £8.50 Each


Mainshaft Timing Nut

Mainshaft Timing Side Nut - LH
Price : £5.50

Mainshaft Timing Side Nut - LH.
-Lightened (copied from early Manx)
Price : £5.00

Back In Stock:
All these important nuts are now back in stock. As imperial sized hexagon bar is getting difficult to obtain in high tensile steels, I have had all of these CNC mchined from solid EN8 round bar, to ensure they are fit for purpose. Being CNC machined - they look nice as well!

Mainshaft Drive Side Nut
Price : £7.00

Camshaft LH Nut
Price : £5.00

Oil Filler Cap

A11\291 International Oil Filler Cap
2.5" International Oil Filler Cap (this is also the filler
cap used on Pushrod and Sidevalve petrol tanks)
Price : £34.00

Latest Products: New for November 2009                                  

Sprockedt Nut Lockring

A2/370 Gearbox Sprocket Nut Lockring
Price : £3.25


Gear Indicator

A2/404 Dollshead Gearbox - Gear Indicator
Price : £5.00

Gearbox Lock Washers and Gear Indicators
Both items lasercut from an original pattern, the lock washer is an essential item on all Norton gearbox's to ensure the sprocket nut does not loosen.
The gear indicator was fitted to all dollshead and upright gearbox's and this version is just as the original, including the correct bends

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Base Gasket

A11/157 500cc Cylinder Base Paper Gasket
Price : £2.00 Each


21 Inch Alloy Rim

A11/850M Manx and Internatonal chinpad
Price : £6.00 Each
Made from black Sorbo rubber, which looks just like the original
(for those petrol tanks that have hooks for chinpad straps)


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Plain Clutch Plate

A11/716C Copper Washers
Copper washers to fit behind the jet holder nut (both timing case and cambox)
Price : £0.75 Each

Copper Washer

A11/40C Copper Washers
Copper washer to fit behind the cylinder feed bolt
Price :
£0.75 Each
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Screws and Nuts for Racing Plates

Manx/Inter/Es2 Brake Arm
Lasercut exactly the same profile as an original, this was the standard brake arm fitted to all Nortons from 1930's to 1950's.
Photso shows laser cut items on left, with original brake arm and conical hub on right (used as pattern)
Price : £7.50 Each


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  Products Back in Stock or Getting Close!:                            

3 Part Adjster

3 Part Tappet Adjusters
Price :
£19.00 Each

Rocker Pads

Rocker Hardened Pads
Price :
£14.00 Each

Rocker Pads

Vertical Bevel - Dished Washers
Price : £2.75 Each

I now have new batchs of all the above back in stock

Oil Pump Drive Plates

October 2009: Oil Pump Drive Plates
I now have this part back in stock (a popular piece, as they are often worn)
Price : £14.00 Each

Preview of Products In Progress:          

Oldham Couplings

Oldham Couplings

Sorry to those customers expecting me to have these ready - my supplier has not had the opportunity to complete them yet. Should be available in Winter 2009
Price : £ T.B.C.

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Inter engine plates

Unfinished Version
This is where I am up to at the moment - castings machined but not chromed. Lever pressed, but final bend not put it in yet

Latest Version
This is the revised shape I am now modelling. Although there were a variety of shapes used for comp levers, this delicate pattern seems common on racing Norton's

Handlebar Patterns

Handlebar Lever Patterns . . .


Handlebar Patterns

. . . and press tool for bending lever blanks

Racing Clutch and Brake Levers
Long racing levers (as fitted to SOHC Nortons, Velo KTT's etc) have not been available for many years. As you can see from the photographs above, I am in the process of manufacturing a batch of these levers.
Latest Update October 2010: Apologies these are not complete yet, but they are getting closer. I have decded to change the blade from stainless (shown in the photograph) to chromed steel, as stainless was proving too difficlut to bend accurately and was difficult to polish. I have also taken the opportunity to revise the shape to more delicate looking pattern (see lower left photo), which I have seen more commonly fitted to racing Norton motorcycles in the 1930's-40's..
Price TBC. Expected Winter 2009


Timing Cover Pattern

A11M/7 and A11M/9: SOHC Inner Timing Cover and Rev Drive Outer Timing Cover Patterns

Ribbed CoverBevel Cover

Pre-War A11M/9: Ribbed variety Rev Drive Outer Timing Cover Pattern
A11M/781: Racing variety Cambox bevel cover Pattern

New Castings in Progress
As you can see from the photographs above, I am in the process of manufacturing more of the main SOHC Norton engine castings. All of the above have had trial castings in magnesium, and are now in the process of initial machining. As you will appreciate, ensuring the finished product is correct in detail and of the required high quality is a lengthy (and costly!) process. With this in mind I would not expect to have anything ready for sale until Winter 2009, but watch this space, and let me know if you are interested and require more details.

Magnesium covers 1

Magnesium Covers 2
Unmachined Castings
Work So Far
As you can see from the photos above, work is now progressing well. The inner timing cover in the lower right corner is an original SOHC magnesium Manx version. The item on the lower left is a 'part machined' new one. As you can see they are effectively identical in construction (although obviously my replica item has not yet been completed). Both outer timing covers in the photographs are my replica versions and are again - identical to originals. the ribbed version on the top right is the extremely rare 'Works' version fitted in 1936/37, allowing for a rev clock to be fitted. I have made these for those people who prefer the earlier 'ribbed' type cover.
Latest Update October 2010: I have now had a second casting of the timing case and cover made, to incorporate minor amendments and this has now been finsh machined and fitted. From this I am now in progress of having a production bast cast. I am hoping that these should be finish machined and available for Winter 2009

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