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'New Parts In Progress'

    Latest Products Summary:         Last Updated : 31/05/09  

New - SOHC/DOHC Valve Collets
New - Norton Clutch Parts
New - Petrol Tank Parts
Various Other new parts

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Products Coming Soon:
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Oldham Couplings
More Fabricated Parts
Racing Brake/Clutch levers
Magnesium/Alloy Timing Covers
Manx Front Tank Brackets/Petrol Taps
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  Summer 2009
Summer 2009
Winter 2009
Latest Products:    

3/8th Collets

3/8" Valve Collets
Price : £4.50


5/16th Collets

5/16" Valve Collets
Price : £4.50

Norton Collets and Valve Retainers
New batchs of valve collets in 3/8" and 11/32" International and 5/16" (SOHC and DOHC Manx) sizes. Also, eared hairspring valve spring retaining rings available soon

SOHC Norton Catalog
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Oil Feed Adjuster

Cylinder Bolt Oil Adjuster and Reduced Head Nut
Price : £6 and £1,20 Each


21 Inch Alloy Rim

Crankcase Oil Unions and Washers
Price : £2.30 and £1.10 Each

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Plain Clutch Plate

Plain Clutch Plates
Norton OHC/DOHC/OHV/SV plain plates in both early and late type
Price : £6.00 Each

Sureflex Clutch Plates

Friction Clutch Plates
Friction clutch plates to fit OHC/OHV Norton - by Sureflex
Price : £11.00 Each

Screws and Nuts for Racing Plates

Norton Clutch Rubbers
Set of 6 Clutch cush rubbers
Price : £12.o0 Set of 6

Norton Clutch Parts
SOHC Norton Catalog
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Plain Clutch Plate

A2/277 Tank Bolts
Norton OHC/OHV/SV petrol tank bolts in stainless steel. Drilled for lockwire, as per the Manx wrapround oil tank version (well worth doing for petrol tank bolts as well)
Price : £4.60 Each


Sureflex Clutch Plates

Dished Washer and Rubber Parts
Very nice Stainless dished washers for Boltthru Manx Petrola and oil tanks and also for International and OHV/SV bottom bolts. Also a selection of rubber parts for both petrol and oil tanks
Price : various prices


Screws and Nuts for Racing Plates

Domed Manx Tank Nuts
As fitted to Manx 'Boltthru' petrol and oil tanks - Stainless Steel
(very nice)
Price : £1.80 Each

Norton Petrol and Oil Tank Parts for International and Manx Nortons (oh -and OHV/SV as well!)

Mudguard Bracket

Pre-War Girder Fork Mudguard Clamp
Price : £18.00 Each

Tank Bracket

SOHC Manx - Alloy front tank mount
(CNC Machined)
Price : £85.00 Each

Girder Fork Handlebar Rubbers

Girder Fork Handlebar Rubbers
(7/8" and 1" Handlebar sizes)
Price : £7.50 Pair

A selection of other new parts now available

Gearbox Nuts

Upright Gearbox Cover Nuts
(Look lovely in stainless stee)
Price : £1.90 Each

Gearbox Bearings

Gearbox Bearings
More bearings to fit Norton gearboxs
Price : £various

302 Tickler Set

Type 302 Amal TT/GP Tickler Set
New parts to fit the big 302 float chamber, and other new TT parts
Price : £various


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Preview of Products In Progress:          

Oldham Couplings

Oldham Couplings

Sorry to those customers expecting me to have these ready - my supplier has not had the opportunity to complete them yet. Should be available in Autumn 2009
Price : £ T.B.C.

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Inter engine plates

Unfinished Version
This is where I am up to at the moment - castings machined but not chromed. Lever pressed, but final bend not put it in yet

Handlebar Patterns

Handlebar Lever Patterns . . .


Handlebar Patterns

. . . and press tool for bending lever blanks

Racing Clutch and Brake Levers
Long racing levers (as fitted to SOHC Nortons, Velo KTT's etc) have not been available for many years. As you can see from the photographs above, I am in the process of manufacturing a batch of these levers.
As with the originals, the clamp body will be plated bronze (see bronze castings in photo), however the blades and pivet pins will be in stainless steel.
Price TBC. Expected Late Summer 2009


Timing Cover Pattern

A11M/7 and A11M/9: SOHC Inner Timing Cover and Rev Drive Outer Timing Cover Patterns


Screws and Nuts for Racing Plates

Pre-War A11M/9: Ribbed variety Rev Drive Outer Timing Cover Pattern
A11M/781: Racing variety Cambox bevel cover Pattern

New Castings in Progress
As you can see from the photographs above, I am in the process of manufacturing more of the main SOHC Norton engine castings. All of the above have had trial castings in magnesium, and are now in the process of initial machining. As you will appreciate, ensuring the finished product is correct in detail and of the required high quality is a lengthy (and costly!) process. With this in mind I would not expect to have anything ready for sale until Winter 2009, but watch this space, and let me know if you are interested and require more details.

Magnesium covers 1

Magnesium Covers 2
Unmachined Castings
Work So Far
As you can see from the photos above, work is now progressing well. The inner timing cover in the lower right corner is an original SOHC magnesium Manx version. The item on the lower left is a 'part machined' new one. As you can see they are effectively identical in construction (although obviously my replica item has not yet been completed). Both outer timing covers in the photographs are my replica versions and are again - identical to originals. the ribbed version on the top right is the extremely rare 'Works' version fitted in 1936/37, allowing for a rev clock to be fitted. I have made these for those people who prefer the earlier 'ribbed' type cover.
As I am sure you will appreciate, making items to a high degree of quality and adherence to the original is very time consuming and costly. I am currently having a 2nd 'trial' machining, having made minor admendments to the first batch of castings. Once these are complete I will then have the first 'proper' batch made. Watch this space!
(click on photographs to see enlarged version)


Original Magnesium Works Engine

Pre-War Works bike , showing magesium M30 crankcases

My Magnesium Engine

Rebuilt Magnesium (square head) engine, using M30 magnesium crankcases - This is going in my 1938 'Big Plunger' Manx

Magnesium SOHC M30 Crankcase Castings?
I am seriously considering having patterns and a batch of these highly desireable and rare Crankcases made. From my own experiences I have found this type of crankcase to be almost impossible to find, and even if you are fortunate enough to have an original set - would you really want to risk 50 year old brittle magnesium by racing it seriously?
I have already done some work on producing these, and intend that if I do go ahead the finished work will be indistinguishable on the outside from originals.
Obviously there will be a very large investment by myself to do this, so I would like to gauge interest first. If you are interested and would like more information please email me and let me know your thoughts: paul.norman@racingvincent.co.uk

Update May 2009
: Due to the pressures of my 'day job' in the last year, I have not moved as fast with some of these projects as I would like. However, my long term views have not changed and at some point in the future I intend to make these!


Other Parts In the Pipeline . . .

Time seems to be the main problem for me at the moment (oh, and money obviously!), but bits I am either in the process of manufacturing, or considering making are as follows:

1. Pressed steel magneto/air levers, as fittted to Gardengate Manx's (in process)
2. Gardengate Tele fork alloy handlebar clamp (not started yet)
3. Tank fittings for Manx/Inter tanks, including 'Bolt-thru' parts
4. SOHC Manx frame - Alloy front tank bracket (in progress)
5. Oil tank primary chain adjuster taps - see below (not started yet)

Oil tap

Update June 2009 : I originally posted this last update almost a year ago in August 2008. It has been a tough year since, and from the list above only Number 3 and 4 (the petrol tank parts) have been completed. However, as you can see from the other sections, I have also managed to add many other parts and all the other items in this section have made some progress, so keep watching and I hope to have further parts to show you in the next year.
Oh, and finally - I have recently changed to a new 'shopping trolley' style catalog, which I hope will make ordering items a little easier!
Best Wishes - Paul Norman. 31st May 2009

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