Article Description: 1948 Vincent Black Lightning Replica - Part 1: 2003-2006

Written 2003/2006: These articles were written very soon after I first created the original RacingVincent website. By this time I had already owned the Vincent in an unassembled state for many years, and had already done much of the difficult work like having the crankshaft built around Carillo conrods, having the heads (beautifully) gas flowed etc and sourcing many of the difficult to find parts the bike was lacking when I first acquired it.
I had always worked on this bike around other motorcycle builds, and when funds allowed - with a view that this bike would always get the best of everything but there was no rush to get it finished. These articles show progress at that time, before the project went on hold again in 2006.
As part of assembling these articles into this Article database, I became aware that these early articles were not as detailed as the ones I write now. I hope they might still be useful, but bear in mind that in those early days of the website I had not got into the habit of always carrying a camera with me into the workshop!

37 Inter Engine

Vincent Forks build is one of the original articles written

37 Inter Engine

Part of the engine build is covered in these articles

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1948 Vincent Black Lightning Build 2003-2006
  • Vincent Index Index
  • Heads and BarrelsPart-1: Heads and Barrels
  • Timing CasePart-2: Timing Case
  • CarburettorsPart-3: Carburettors
  • CrankshaftPart-4: Crankshaft
  • ForksPart-5: Front Forks
  • Heads and ValvegearPart-6: Valvegear
  • Inlet Stubs Part-7: Inlet Stubs
  • MagnetoPart-8: Magneto
  • WheelsPart-9: Wheels

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